The 10 Most Beautiful Offices of 2017

The 10 Most Beautiful Offices of 2017

1. Airbnb, Dublin

Airbnb’s new Dublin headquarters, built inside an abandoned warehouse, is the first office the company has designed from scratch. The huge staircase at the center serves as a working and meeting area. The office is organized into 29 "neighborhoods," or distinct space configurations, to give staff plenty of options for places to work. The giant staircase offers a view of a huge TV screen that's used during presentations.


2. WeWork, Shanghai

Design firm Linehouse transformed a former opium factory into the Chinese flagship office for co-working company WeWork. The space combines old and new, with the original staircase and steel beams still intact.

3. Uber ATG Center, Pittsburgh

The ride-hailing company wanted its Pittsburgh office, home to its Advantage Technology Group Center (an R&D hub), to reflect its disruptive ambitions. Assembly Design drew inspiration from the City of Steel when creating a vision for the space-walkways are designed to look like Pittsburgh bridges, while the wall in the open area at left is made of cor-ten steel, and was laser-cut to depict a map of Pittsburgh.


4., Gloucestershire, U.K.

Built into a Victorian castle,’s office combines old- fashioned (and in some cases, straight-up medieval) elements with modern decor and splashes of color. Design firm Interaction gave the space new life but kept its traditional architecture.

5. Ancestry, Lehi, Utah

Each of the four levels in genealogy company Ancestry's office has several sun-splashed locations for lounging or collaborating. The hanging lanterns are meant to resemble DNA strands.


6. BP Lower 48, Oklahoma City

Designed by Fitzsimmons Architects, the Oklahoma City regional office of natural gas company BP Lower 48 uses lots of wood, stone, and natural colors, and textures to create an organic look.

7. Fosbury & Sons, Antwerp. Belgium

This co-working space relies on plant life of varying type and size as a key design element, as seen here in the office library. Design firm Going East drew inspiration from the High Line, New York’s vegetation-covered elevated park.


8. OVH, Quebec City

When Web hosting company OVH wanted to create a comfortable new office, they took their commitment to flexibility to a whole new level--each element in the office is movable, including the plant containers shown here.

9. Second Home Lisboa, Lisbon

This Portuguese co-working space is home to a whopping 1,000 plants. While the greenery serves a decorative purpose, it also helps to improve the air quality and make the space more energy efficient.

10. Squarespace | New York

Squarespace's offices take up the 10th, 11th, and 12th floors of Manhattan's Maltz Building, formerly a manufacturing space. Employees have access to two areas where they can enjoy picturesque views--the office bar, located on the 12th floor, as well as a rooftop deck.

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