United Strangers Magazines racks such a classy item!

United Strangers Magazines racks such a classy item!


 What types of magazine racks are available?

In general, you can choose between "Book Worm", "Gifted One" and "Knowledge" magazine racks. Knowledge magazine racks are great if you want to move your magazines around easily. Book Worm magazine rack can act as a side table and are available in a range of metal finishes. A Gifted One magazine rack might work great for a home office or even a bathroom,

What styles of magazine racks should I consider?

Magazine racks are available in a modern classic style, from simplistic to modern to contemporary. If your home is filled with vintage finds, an antiques brass magazine rack might offset it nicely. If you’re considering a magazine holder completed with a hand stitched leather handle Gifted One Magazine is the right choice. You may also want to consider your actual magazines: do you have a collection of Rolling Stone’s from the 70s? Display them in a Book Worm magazine rack that will give them a contemporary spin while allowing you to see their covers. 

What magazine rack materials are available?

Magazine racks are literally available in sorts of materials, so this comes down to your taste preferences and what looks best in your home. A Leather, jet black steel magazine rack will add a playful, modern air to your space, while a wire magazine rack will provide an eclectic, old-school charm. 


What size magazine rack do I need?

Think about how many magazines you’ll be storing as well as where you plan to place the rack. An over-stuffed magazine rack will lose its luster, so be sure you find one that has ample space to display your collection. However, don’t get one that’s too big for the space, it should be in proximity to the surrounding furniture. 

To see a variety of styles, sizes and types or magazine racks, check out our selection here.




A modern classic magazine rack that acts as a side table. Using the finest in leather and natural fabrics with a range of metal finishes




Magazine rack with hand stitched leather handle and leather sling pouch with our smooth jet black steel finish



Magazine rack with hand stitched leather detailing with two solid oak wood components completed with a leather sling pouch with our smooth jet black steel finish.