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This is where we will put the three themes...


- Rustic Loft

Rustic Loft is a combination of all things recycled, beaten and forgotten, inspired by military and airforce elements. Our items are creations of our journey into the unknown where we have discovered salvaged and repurposed materials, from distressed aluminum to recycled North American military tents and South American reclaimed underwater logs. We have exposed these materials in its raw form to ensure the story is visible in each product.

- Urban Chic

Urban Chic began as my travels took US through the West Coast of America, we met STRANGERS at vintage car festivals in San Diego, architectural masterpieces including the Stahl house in LA and then up to Oregon where the vintage elements of the streets of Portland left an imprint that inspired the next direction for US, the one thing that was clear was that we needed to execute the details of classic and modern combinations, as the true test is from what we experienced, effortless pieces that just worked back then and now before and after the partying!..... So that was my mission, how to create modern classics that can be preserved. Our focus was the materials and the way they aged, materials such as brass and hand finished leathers, wooden elements, and pure fabric colours combined with classic shapes and forms our items are a reflection of this journey and hope you enjoy Uniting with them……

- LTD Edition