Artwork and carpets brings the design infrastructure into the room, the stereoscopic and soft elements jump and appear, and rich colors add a lot of vitality and saturation to the room. Selecting interior accessories for indoor match is as a big part of the process as the design process, the balance of the room, the materials selected and when it all comes together bringing sense of harmonious.


The environment and atmosphere of artwork are exquisite, the extension of vision and the balance of color, artwork gives space to more stories and imagination. The sitting room serves as the most public occasion in household, hang a picture color to give priority to with warm color tone more, bright, lively tonal the mood that can let a person also becomes lively.


Limited Edition Artwork exclusive to United Strangers from South Korean Artist 275c, he has collaborated with Nike, Diesel, Calvin Klein, Innis Free and Elle to name a few and work has been published world wide.


American Vintage furniture store, photographed by our design team on there travels through USA. Solid acrylic print and comes with a anodized aluminum frame.


Carpet is the core thing in household articles for use actually, can sofa and side table already are closely linked together, form the aesthetic feeling of a kind of order, and a good carpet besides attracting attention, add the functional sex of wool carpet itself, increase a lot of practical for the space.


We approach carpets like art, our manufacturing methods enable us to create like a paintbrush. We sketch, doodle, mix and match to create a bit of fun and luxury on the floor. We use 100% New Zealand wool apply different methods to achieve our unique rugs.

Hand tufted carpet, made using 100% wool, all wool has been washed and certified and each carpet varies slightly due to hand made nature.

We follow a simple process at United Strangers. Find the best raw materials that can be manipulated and used across different techniques and then add with this simple materials to compliment. From there explore and explore more. We use electric carpet weaving guns to weave our carpets. This is a new type of multifunctional special machine, flexible and precise, and its production efficiency is 80-100 times that of manual production.