Choosing the things in your home is often a process of thinking about your future lifestyle. The relationship between your home and your self is closer than imagined. We love to get inspiration on the trip, and use the combination of several materials and the harmonious design of the organic shape of the US soul.


Chairs can be one of the hardest products to design, due to the fact they need to look balanced from all angles, work as a group and also be comfortable for long periods of time without proving to be too relaxed. We try to do this using different methods, whether its molding plywood or shapinga solid wood back rest in to an organic form, it always starts with a humble sketch.


Wood is a curious material we love here at United Strangers when designing our lounge chairs, because it provides an organic warmth to as pace, while the versatility enables it to fit into any setting from Classic alto Modern design. As a central piece, natural or light coloured wood furniture will make a space a feel relaxed and open.


Every subtle point that is easily overlooked and elements contains the designer's careful consideration, where craftsmanship is treasured above size and bulk.


An ode to the clean simplistic living of the Nordic region,refined organic shaped chair made from FSC solid American Ash wood completed with a heavy woven Vegetable tanned leather seat base, combining the finest of hand craftsmanship and the technology of cnc radius cutting to combine to bring you a comfortable occasional chair.



The Grafton was created with organic forms and shapes in mind. Stainless steel frame, hand rubbed leather base and a large curved back cushion in 100% wool backing.


At United Strangers we are all about combining materials and presenting them in a finished relaxed product. The Lincoln chair is a prime example, a low slung, deep seat base occasional chair. Comes with a metal outer frame, wood accents and a variety of materials for the cushion components.


Pilot Lounge chair with inspiration taken from Californian1970-2 interiors, with ultra comfort in mind, this chair was designed to fit in any environment from commercial projects to residential homes. Powder coated metal frame together with stainless steel accents and a large full an iline leather based cushion and foam and fibre back rest. Comes in different metal,fabric and leather combinations.

KENNEDY Occasional Chair

Vegetable tanned strap leather help to mold and form around the user. Combining this with our range of metal finishes to provide a elegant and refined chair.

MISTER Occasional Chair

Clean lined occasional chair made from the finest FSC certified American Ash and large seat panel of Vegetable tanned leather. Arm rest hash and stitch detailing.