Wood is a curious material we love here at United Strangers, because it provides an organic warmth to a space, while the versatility enables it to fit into any setting from Classical to Modern design.


As a central piece, natural or light coloured wood furniture will make a space a feel relaxed and open, while dark pieces will create depth and add drama. As side pieces, lighter wood can be used to balance and tone down the visual sharpness of a space, while dark pieces can be used to create contrast.


It is important to start with the right piece of wood in order to create the right tone, features and colours as envisioned in the design phase. There are many factors to consider in order to find the right species of wood for furniture. The three main things to consider when purchasing wood furniture are hardness, natural colour and grain of the species of wood used.


Ensuring that wood is a sustainable material for future generations United Strangers utilizes wood from environmentally responsible and sustainable sources as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which promotes responsible management of the world's forests and certifies eco-friendly forest products. Each year we renew our licensing to ensure that the whole chain from growers to shipping our finished products have met these standards. These woods include American Ash, American Oak as well as New Zealand Pine.


The benefits of choosing FSC sustainable timber: preserving biodiversity and its values, water resources, soils, unique and fragile ecosystems and natural landscapes. To maintain the ecological function and integrity of the forest ecosystem and promote the sustainable management of the forest; Protect endangered species and their habitats.


When producing wood products the characteristics of the wood need to be considered in each form we are creating. For example “In the Flesh range” requires large solid slabs of wood which can be molded and shaped using a combination of CNC machines and hand finishing. By using this wood and process the textures of the wood are exposed and highlighted.


While furniture pieces which feature more intricate and detailed woodwork we opt to work with with American White Ash Wood due to the consistency of the tight grain and the straightness of the wood, this wood is suitable for smaller and subtle wood detailing such as wood dining chairs.