While many of us have a favourite colour that we tend to be drawn to, sometimes for reasons that we can’t explain, there is a known psychological association with certain colours. While some scientific theories indicate that colours can affect us due to our evolutionary needs, it is still an area that’s not completely understood. Certain colours can evoke an emotional or even a physical response in us and as a wider range of colour palettes have made their ways into trendy homes, we encourage our Strangers to stay true to their personal tastes as trends can come and go, but a high-quality piece of furniture can be with you for a lifetime.


This is why we offer a bespoke service, so that all of our United Strangers can choose their favourite designs and get it tailor made in the material and colour that shows off their individual personalities the most. After all, we’re all unique individuals, but great design is universal. Below, we explore a range of colours and what the response many people feel towards them.


Room effect– Use black sparingly as it can make a space feel smaller. Using too much in a space can make it depressing and give a feeling of being trapped. It is recommended that you use this as an accent colour. A rich black is a very classy colour, bringing depth to a space and giving it a sense of elegance, mystery and power.


Room effect– White has the opposite effect of black naturally, it makes a space feel more open, more inviting. While overuse of this colour can make a room feel sterile, it can be the perfect base colour for smaller spaces, giving off a cool and refreshing feel. We recommend warmer tones of white to create a welcoming feeling of home, while cooler tones are more formal.


Room effect– Grey has been a popular option recently due to its versatility. Being able to bridge the gap between brighter and darker colours, it can be timeless and classic in lighter shades, while edgy and modern in darker tones. It has a warm and comforting feeling.


Room effect– Red is the most psychologically stimulating of colours, it has the natural ability to raise the energy of the room and create excitement. However, it has also been shown to increase heart rate, blood pressure and quicken our breathing. In doing so, this increases the emotions we’re feeling at any given point in time, whether it’s love, passion or anger.


Room effect– Yellow is a happy colour, capturing the joy of sunshine. For this reason, it’s a great colour for many different spaces in the home. Although falling asleep in a yellow room can prove to be more difficult, it is a great colour to wake up to. We recommend avoiding the bedroom, but ensure you have a bit of yellow in a room you’ll always visit in the morning. Experiment with different shades to get the energy from yellow without it being an eyesore.


Room effect– A natural colourin many different tones, this makes it a great colour to have in your home for the different effects it can have on your mood. A darker green is extremely calming and can relieve stress making it ideal for bedrooms. While a bright green can make you feel energetic, joyful and excited.


Room effect– Blue has the opposite effect of red, helping us feel calm, lowering our blood pressure and reducing our breathing and heart rates. Bright shades of blue a reminiscent of the sky and open water, giving a sense of freedom and happiness. While darker shades are contemplative, giving us the emotion of deep thought and exploration.


Room effect– Brown is the colour of traditional comfort due to it being associated with natural wood tones and we’ve been surrounded by it as a species since before civilization. While it’s a common colour in traditional decor, it still has an important place in the home today, especially for people living in the city. It adds warmth to a home and can be both young and fresh as well as elegant and sophisticated.


Room effect – Shiny metals are associated with wealth in many different cultures, but more importantly it can add a sense of creativity and excitement to any room. If using shiny metals, it can also increase the light in the room and make it feel bigger and brighter (mirrors can have the same effect). We recommend using metals if a room feels a bit dull as it will immediately lift the surroundings.